Elk River Class Schedule

Aikido will resume at Salk Middle School on June 11th. Please refer to the website for information in the event of any updates or changes.

Classes in Elk River are hosted through the Elk River school district’s Community Education program.

The new session starts on June 11th…
Please sign up ASAP!

To sign up for a class session, go to the Elk River Community Ed. web site, or call them at 763-241-3520.

If you would like to sign up after a session starts, please contact Community Ed. by phone. Their website only allows signing up before the start of a session.

Summer 2020 Session 2 (Sign up)

Date Location Start Time End Time
Thursday, July 30, 2020 Handke Center (Map)  6:30pm 8:00pm
Thursday, Aug 6, 2020 Handke Center (Map) 6:30pm 8:00pm
Thursday, Aug 132020 Handke Center (Map)  6:30pm 8:00pm
Thursday, Aug 20, 2020 Handke Center (Map)  6:30pm 8:00pm
Thursday, Aug 27, 2020 Handke Center (Map)  6:30pm 8:00pm

Training will be outdoors (weather permitting) in the “pit” behind Handke Center (ice rink area behind the building on the east side) .  In the event of inclement weather we will be training indoors in the gymnasium.  You MUST have a mask to train indoors so please come prepared.

Must be signed up
Bring a mask and wear it if/when/where possible
No Dogi (we do not want to draw any extra attention)
Supply your own ken & jo (let me know if you do not have one)
A minimal of six feet apart at all times
No kiai
Minimize any talking
No congregating in groups before or after
No “open practice” after
Nobody is allowed to watch unless signed up and included in the count
Wash hands, wrists, and gargle before and after training
If you (or someone at your house) are sick, coughing or have a temperature, stay home!
~ Domo Arigato gozaimashita